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Cuba: Could this be the return of the jewel of the Caribbean?

Cuba is the latest target for the hospitality business. Learn about the history of Cuba’s culture and tourism and why it is currently a popular tourist destination. Click here to read the article by Ken Mackenzie.

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Another Blow for Residential Landlords

Please check out the latest article by Christopher Vaccaro. Click here to read the latest article in the Banker & Tradesman!

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Land Court Rules that Broker’s Text Message Creates Binding Contract

The Statue of Frauds requires that real estate contracts be written and signed by the parties, in order to be legally enforceable.  Increasingly, courts are finding that emails can establish a legally binding purchase and sale agreement.  In April, the Massachusetts Land Court ruled that text messages, when taken together with other communications, can create an enforceable agreement to sell …

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Supreme Judicial Court Expands Condominium Lien Priority

Check out the latest article by Christopher Vaccaro in the Banker & Tradesman. Click here to read the article! 

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